While Canada has many magicians and provides an opportunity for magic enthusiasts to show their skills, the US is well recognized for this. Canadians will often plan a visit there just for the purpose of seeing one of these great shows.

Casinos and Magic Shows

Many of the casinos in the US also put on entertainment venues. They often find that those who like to gamble also enjoy magic acts. Then there are the online casinos that provide other forms of magic. For example, there may be a chance to play some magic slot themed games.

Popular Magic Shows in the US

Here are some examples of some of the shows that Canadians would travel to the United States to see:

  • Monday Night Magic: This is a magic show that has been running since 1997. Yet, there is always something new and exciting being performed. They have a large cast of magicians and magicians helpers which they rotate at each venue.
  • Chamber Magic: Steve Cohen who is known as the “Millionaires” Magician hosts his magic show at the Waldorf Towers. His audience is small and is comprised of the elite. His performances are well paid for and constantly sought after.
  • The Outta Control Magic Show at Wonderworks: This takes place in Orlando, Florida. It is appropriate for all age groups, and the young and the old attend it. New magic shows are becoming available all the time, and they keep getting more exciting. New technology is being implemented into the tricks. Props are getting better, and that means the acts are much more magical.

It is always worth doing research to see what new shows may be coming out, so the lastest is never missed. But, the classics like some of these listed here should remain on the list for seeing.