For those who are into magic, they are intent on seeking out some of the best of these kinds of shows. There are many different ways in which a magic show can be watched.

Magician Venue

Some magicians will regularly put on their own shows. This is how they gain recognition and how they can make money. They will find a location such as a theatre or a conference centre and rent the space for their show. Or sometimes, magicians are hired by organizations to put on their act as part of another. There are some who become frustrated about the talents of some high high profile magicians and will do whatever they can to expose them.


Television is a popular form of entertainment. There was even a series called The Magician.

Magic Shows In Canada

While there are many magic shows that could be highlighted, the following are just a few examples.

Browsers Magic Bash

This a full-day event that is much anticipated and attended by many. There is a stage show and a magic show that makes up part of the lectures. Then there is another side to it where there are lectures and workshops. This event will be in the fifth year come 2020.

Ben Train

Ben’s magic show is half magic and half comedy. The event is like a dinner theatre party. Participants get to enjoy food and drink while Ben entertains them.

The Newest Trick in the Book

Individuals who attend this magic show only pay an entrance fee that they want to pay. The act is worth every penny, no matter what is paid.

Greg Frewin Theatre

Anyone that is in the Niagra Falls area will want to take in a magic show hosted by Greg Frewin. His show is a little different, and it is called Wild Magic on the stage.

These are just a few of some of the most outstanding magic shows throughout Canada.