The interest in magic often begins at a very young age. While children are still living in their fantasy worlds, for some of them, this creates a real passion for them. They end up with the desire to be able to do magic tricks and maybe even the title of a magician.

Getting Started

For those that are going to go into the magician’s world, they need a starting point. It is always good to learn the history behind this. Then just going and watching magicians perform is something that can be helpful. The more a magic trick is watched, the more that can be learned about it.

Then it is time to do some investing in this newfound hobby. The magic tricks have to be learned. There are some resources for doing this.

Wizardy Schools

Canada takes magic seriously and has two wizardry schools. These are Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Whitestar Academy of Magic. Keep in mind though that this level of magic is beyond the magician who does tricks for entertainment.


A trip to the library may provide all the resources that are necessary for the new magician to learn his or her skills.


Many different magic kits can be bought. These usually have several tricks that can be performed from the components of the kits. These components are called props.


The most effective way to learn magic trips is simply practising each one over and over again until it is perfected.

The new magician will get to the point where they are ready to perform. When this time arrives, they should run magic shows and invite their friends. This is a good starter audience, to begin with. Once the magicians see that they are able to impress their friends, they will be ready for a bigger audience.